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The Telephone socket is probably the most overlooked and possible one of the most important items in the home, quite simply without it you wouldn't get your broadband or internet connection, make calls or e-mail or have any WiFi for watching catchup TV.


Fault & repair service

Like it or not your telephone socket will at some point in time will either get a fault or the socket will get damaged, we can test your line to the exchange and if there is a fault on the line it will be down to your service provider to carry out the repairs at no extra cost to yourselves, if however the fault is not on the line then it will be within your property and is down to you to get it fixed. BT takes some great pride in charging some serious money to get rid of the fault, and i mean get rid of not fix, this is still down to you to sort out. This is where we can come in, we can find your internal fault and hopefully fix it for you, or at the very least Tell you what the fault is if all the wiring checks out ok.

Telephone extensions

Not really too much to explain about an extension, it is just that, you can have as many telephone extensions as you like provided the cabling does not exceed 100 Meters, but you can only have a maximum of 4 REN value on the line. The REN value is the ring equivalent number, which in laymen's terms means if you put 6 telephone on the same line there is a chance that on 4 will ring, under each phone should be a green circle with the REN value on it most phones average from .5, 1 or 1.5 REN the rest is simple maths to add up to 4, go over that and as we said a particular phone will not ring. You don't have to include items like your sky box as it doesn't ring anyway.

Line testing

This feature isn't as good as it was as you still need to be a BT engineer to access it fully, but by dialing 17070 oh your phone it will give you option 2 to test for quite line, to tell you if you have any noise on the line, if you do report this to your service provider and let them do the rest.


More and more people are now getting SMART devices, these devises are any piece of equipment that has the capability to connect to the internet via your existing Broadband router, these devices can also provide internet TV,online interactive media, over the top content as well as on-demand streaming and home networking access. The most popular being: i Player, ITV hub, All 4 & Demand 5. and of course the internet and e-mail.

Your broadband router allows you access to the internet either by a hard wired format like an Ethernet cable, sometimes known as cat 5e or cat 6 cable with Rj45 connection plugs or via WiFi.

Sometimes internet access is poor around the house, this is generally due to incorrect configuration, or general black spots around your home. for mor information on this please look below on WIFI for more details.


Extra broadband connections

A broadband extension is not the same as a telephone extension, broadband is just that, it has a bigger bandwidth and it doesn't connect to your phone line, it connects to your router or switch or hub, it also uses a different cable although it does look the same, broadband extensions are generally run in either cat 5E or cat 6, mainly used in student accommodations or office outlets and schools. We don't normally provide this type of work in a domestic dwelling as WIFI is usually sufficient.

Setting up broadband

If you ever get tired of your existing service provider and decide to make a change because it is cheaper or just want a better service, chances are your new provider will just sent your new equipment via the post in lots of little boxes and expect you to get on with it. Again if your not a techno whizz this may be quite daunting, so give us a call and we will unpack it, install it and get you main computer up and running, all you will need to do if you have other equipment like your mobile phones or other tablets is just search for your new WIFI signal and put in the new password and your sorted.

Improved reception

Again we can go through your complete system to look for faults and make various improvements to both quality and security, but the biggest problem we find is that people do not always put in the ASDL filters to all telephone extensions, quite often they say, "i thought it only went on the one with the router" So what ever problems you have or think you have give us a call Contact us and let us take a look.

Configuration of laptops & Pc's

Please refer to above or for more information go to our computer page

Improve security

Again please refer to our WIFI below


The internet is a global system of interconnected mainframe, personal, and wireless computer networks that link billions of devices worldwide, just like yours right now.

You cannot connect to the internet without a service provider to which you will subscribe.


Install software that keeps you anonymous online

More and more people are getting worried about BIG BROTHER watching you, especially in the digital age, like it on not you cannot hide, every thing you do on a computer is logged, if you type a letter on microsoft word for example and save it, then decide to delete it and then empty your recycle bin it gone for good right! wrong once saved its there for good unless you do a complete wipe of your hard drive it can be easily resurrected by those of us who know how to. Ever wondered why an advert comes on the TV in relation to the program you just watched? your watching Sky TV and you flick from one channel to another, this personal information of what you watch is sent back to Sky via that phone connection at the back of the Sky box and is used by third parties to make the adverts. The same thing happens on the internet, every web page you go to is logged by your service provider and is kept for a least one year, but great news we can install software on your PC so that your service provider will no longer know what sites you visit any more, you can surf the internet anonymously, and if like us our web page logs all ip addresses so we know who you are and when you last visited our web site, but with our software you will appear as Jo Bloggs from another country.

Install anti spy software

Spyware and antivirus software is an absolute must if you use the internet, especially if you really don't understand the internet that well. There is always a spotty little kid somewhere in the world just looking for an easy target and when he finds you with no protection he will make your life hell just for fun, and there is nothing you can do about it after the fact. So the moral of this story is be prepared, we can install spyware and antivirus software on your PC for FREE, by free i mean you pay us to put in on your computer, but the actual software is free, this will, provided you use it regularly and update it it will give you a better chance against what we call the script kiddies and minor league hackers.

But this is the legal disclaimer there is no such thing as 100% bullet proof software that will protect you from harm either on or off the internet, all software is designed for what is out there now, not what will come in the future, so what we are trying to say is, you cant sue us if you get a virus after we have installed the software.

We got told by our teacher there is only two guaranteed ways in the whole wide world how now to get a computer virus or how to not to be hacked.

Number One, don't get a computer.

Number Two, if you do get a computer, don't turn it on.

Install secure browsing

A browser is and application that you use to look for web pages that might be of interest to you, the most common example of a web browser is Google, a company who just loves to store away your browser information in a secret bunker in some sandy desert in the middle of nowhere, again we can install a decent browser that will store nothing of your internet viewing.


WiFi is a local area wireless computer network that allows devices like laptops, tablets or mobile phones ect to connect to the network, many using the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz band. These devices can connect to a wireless network access point or hotspot if you are outdoors.


Enhanced WIFI

Have you ever noticed how you seem to have week WIFI yet you can see your neighbours signal and its really strong?, the reason may not be a week signal, don't get me wrong there are some terrible modems out there, especially if you have an older type, but where it is positioned has a lot to do with it or if you have a lot of steel in the building construction this will dramatically reduce the signal. The modem needs to be in a central position with in the house for the WIFI signal to distribute evenly.

Connect SMART devices to you WIFI

SMART devices connect one of two ways, either via a RJ45 lead which is a direct hard wired method or via WIFI which is either a 2.4 Ghz or 5Ghz band, the newer SMART devices go for the latter the WIFI, on first time install it should give you the option to find your WIFI signal and allow you to connect to this by adding your WIFI password, which is normally on the back of your router, in theory its that simple.

Strong WIFI reception

WIFI as a rule isn't that weak, it may be just badly set up, or as in one job i had the internal WIFI was switched off in the router. You could also have several neighbours are using the same broadband suppler, in turn you may also be using the same bandwidth or the same channel, which will cause performance issues. Issues like these can be sorted, we have the necessary test equipment to analyse your wireless network and gain access to most routers and change the channel configuration, maximising your WIFI signal, as a last resort you can use WIFI extenders if you have a large or odd shaped house.

WIFI security

This is one option that many of us take for granted, and that is out of the box security, and the reason why is because nobody knows how to reconfigure there router without the fear of messing it up, true and why should you! In 99.9% of the time the out of the box security in more than sufficient, but there are those people out there in the big bad world that can hack WIFI just for fun or there are people out there that are just pain old fashioned paranoid, like me! Either way upgrading your WIFI security will not do you any harm at all. We can hide your SSID or change its name, thats the name that shows up as an available wireless network, we can change your WIFI and admin passwords.



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