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Everyone has a computer, and from time to time you may find it running a little slower than normal, it could be that your memory is quite full or you may have a computer virus. The most frequent question we get asked is "do you repair computers" the answer in no, not any more there are too many people that repair computers nowadays and we haven't the time or the space to do it. What we do is a little more specialised and quick to fix.


Fix slow computers

Computers become slower the longer you have them, its just a fact of life, as programs get more complicated to write, you need a bigger and faster processor for them on which to run, the more you add to your computer the slower it gets, but we can clean it for you by using certain programs to delete the cache, browsing history, empty the registry and give it a good spring clean, and it never does any hard to update the RAM to max if you can.

Virus or Malware removal

As briefly covered in our Telephone - Internet- Broadband -WIFI page a computer virus or malicious software (malware) is a nasty thing to have on your computer, depending on its design you may never know its there, until a certain time or date or it may just sit there and look for repetitions of keys from the keyboard looking for passwords, or it may just decide to destroy all your hard work and slowly wipe it out. The one one sure thing about any virus is it needs room to grow, by design it will multiply and infect different files or folders within your computer, so if your computer starts to get slow real quick, you may have a virus. Your best hope is prevention and to install antivirus software, hopefully it will detect it as a common virus which it may be able to remove, and again hopefully before it does any damage, this is why you need to back up. Back up is copying your hard work onto a pen drive or what ever device you can copy to a cd maybe, so once the virus has been safely removed your work can be restored.

Spyware and antivirus software is an absolute must if you use the internet, especially if you really don't understand the internet that well. There is always a spotty little kid somewhere in the world just looking for an easy target and when he finds you with no protection he will make your life hell just for fun, and there is nothing you can do about it after the fact. So the moral of this story is be prepared, we can install spyware and antivirus software on your PC for FREE, by free i mean you pay us to put in on your computer, but the actual software is free, this will, provided you use it regularly and update it it will give you a better chance against what we call the script kiddies and minor league hackers.

But this is the legal disclaimer there is no such thing as 100% bullet proof software that will protect you from harm either on or off the internet, all anti-virus / spy-ware software is designed for what is out there now, not what will come in the future, so what we are trying to say is, you cant sue us if you get a virus after we have installed the software.

We got told by our teacher there is only two guaranteed ways in the whole wide world how now to get a computer virus or how to not to be hacked.

Number One, don't get a computer!

Number Two, if you do get a computer, don't turn it on!

Hard drive forensically wiped clean

As mentioned elsewhere you can never delete anything on a computer hard disk drive, but why would i want too i hear you say. Ok lets say you buy a new all singing all dancing computer, what are you going to do with you old one, i know you say i will take down the tip, sorted. Many many years ago I used to go down the tip and take the odd computer for spare parts, as part of my computer repair training and i used to look through the hard drive and trust me i could see everything that you ever did on that computer, banks statements photos medical letters. I was shocked, so this is why for a small fee our company will forensically wipe your computer hard drive so not even MI6 can see what is on there, we use the same program that the US Military uses to wipe there hard drives, the only problem is the bigger the hard drive the longer it takes, it can take me 3 or 4 days to wipe it to military standards or just a few hours for jo bloggs not to see what you had on it.





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