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Conditions of Trading

1. In the following CONDITIONS the contractor shall mean THANET AERIALS and the customer shall mean any person, company or organisation which places an order on the contractor for the supply of materials and/or services. All orders received by the contractor for the supply of materials and/or services will be subject to the following conditions, which shall form the basis of the contractor and the customer. Any additional conditions required by the customer must be agreed in writing with and by the contractor, which shall reserve the right to decline to accept them if they were inconsistent with the conditions as set out herein.

2. Except where standard bulk-rate prices have been negotiated between the contractor and the customer, the contractor will assess each job and quote for the work considered providing the best quality reception of television, radio or satellite signals in the prevailing reception conditions. A further assessment will be made on the completion of the work and the further recommendation made when appropriate.

3. Equitable and beneficial ownership of the goods supplied shall remain with the contractor until full payment has been received.

4. By accepting the supply of goods or services the customer gives right to access to the contractor to enter upon the property for the sole purpose of carrying out the work ordered. The customer further gives irrevocable right to access to the contractor to remove such goods should the contractor, in accordance with the stated trading terms, not receive such payment. Where the customer does not own the property it is the responsibility of the customer to obtain such permission from the owner warrants that such permission has been obtained.

5. The contractor undertakes to make good any damage caused directly to the property by the executed of the work under this order provided that the contractor is notified of such damage within seven days and given reasonable opportunity to inspect the damage prior to repairs being carried out. The contractor shall be under no liability for such damage unless this condition is strictly observed.

6. The contractor undertakes to maintain insurance cover against public liability for an amount not less than £1,000,000.

7. The contractor reserves the right to decline to carry out work which in its sole judgement is considered to be unsafe or if the potential customer is in any way argumentative or aggressive.

8. The contractor guarantees the work carried out against poor quality workmanship or faulty materials only, for a period of one year or such longer period as may be agreed between the contractor and the customer. Where in the case of faulty materials only, the contractor reserves the right to charge the customer for it’s time or labour. The contractor cannot guarantee the quality of reception, as this is dependent on factors outside its control. However, every effort will be made by the contractor to ensure that the reception obtained is as good as prevailing local factors allow. The contractor cannot guarantee against damage caused by vandalism, gales or lightning or any other natural or unnatural phenomena.

9. The contractor draws to the attention of the customer the following recommendations of the CAI regarding the installation of UHF aerials in lofts. “The television and radio transmitter networks have been carefully planned to make the best use of frequencies available. The plan assumed that a good aerial mounted outside will be used for the television or radio in the home/dwelling. Loft mounted aerials may sometimes be suitable for VHF/DAB stereo but indoor aerials are never recommended for television digital or Freeview.” In all cases the fitting of an aerial in a loft will adversely affect the quality of reception obtained. Although the contractor will make every effort to obtain satisfactory reception, it cannot guarantee the results from aerials so sited.

10. In general the contractor will direct aerials & satellite dishes by meter towards the transmitter/satellite designated by the broadcaster to serve the area in which the property is situated. Where a customer specifically requests reception from an out of area transmitter/satellite the contractor will make every effort to obtain satisfactory reception but reserves the right to make a service charge if reception proves unacceptable.

11. Except for approved trade accounts terms are strictly C.O.D. At its sole discretion the contractor may invoice the customer for work carried out. In these circumstances the customer will be charged manufactures full recommended retail prices (plus any delivery paid by the contractor). All such invoices are strictly net and unless otherwise agreed by the contractor is due for payment within seven days of receipt of the invoice or invoice date which ever the sooner. Any overdue accounts will be charged an extra 10% per seven days; if payment is not paid in full within thirty days (including interest) legal action WILL be enforced.

12. The terms of any order to which these conditions relate shall in all respect be construed and operate in conformity with the law of England and the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to determine all questions or matters relating hereto or arising here from.


Covering the complete CT postal code including:-

Margate - Ramsgate - Cliftonville - Westgate - Broadstairs - Manston - Birchington - Acol - Cliffsend - Minster - Monkton - St Nicholas - Dover - Folkstone - Canterbury.

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