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Thanet Aerials is a small local business that has served Thanet and its surrounding areas for the last 17 years. The current owner Ian Stevenson has been in the aerial and satellite industry since 1986 or at the time of writing for the last 36 years. In that time we have both seen and have been involved in all the major changes to the aerial and satellite industry, we was there when NICAM stereo first came out, we were also fitting satellite dishes well before Sky had there first test transmission.

Needless to say if you are looking for a local and well trusted aerial & satellite company you need not look any further. Thanet Aerials has the most renown name and a reputation that goes with it for outstanding quality and a level of trust that forsakes any other local company.

In the last 17 years we can count the amount of callbacks we have had by unsatisfied customers on one hand, what other company can say this, and even these were just misunderstandings as the customers didn't truly understand what they wanted or understood the technology.

We are here and are fully committed to do what is required by you the customer, and for what ever reason if we cannot do the work for you we will gladly recommend a company that can.