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The Telephone socket is probably the most overlooked and possible one of the most important items in the home, quite simply without it you wouldn't get your broadband or internet connection, make calls or e-mail or have any Wi Fi for watching catchup TV.




Fault & repair service

Like it or not your telephone socket at some point in time will either aquire a fault or the socket will get damaged, we can test your line to the exchange and if there is a fault on the line it will be down to your service provider to carry out the repairs at no extra cost to yourselves, if however the fault is not on the line then it will be within your property and is down to you to get it fixed. This is where we can come in, we can find your internal fault and fix it for you at half the price of BT.

Telephone extensions

Not really too much to explain about an extension, it is just that, you can have as many telephone extensions as you like provided the cabling does not exceed 100 Meters in length, but you can only have a maximum of 4 REN value on the line. The REN value is the Ring Equivalent Number, which in laymen's terms means if you put 6 telephone on the same line there is a chance that only 4 will ring, under each phone should be a green circle with the REN value on it most phones average from .5, 1 or 1.5 REN the rest is simple maths to add up to 4, go over that and as we said a particular phone will not ring. You don't have to include items like your sky box as it doesn't ring anyway.

Line testing, repositioning & replacements

We can test your line for faults and repair any internal faults, we can also reposition the main incoming line to any where in your property or if required replace it and the main socket or fit and upgraded socket for better Broadband & WiFi.


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