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We install and repair satellite dishes for Sky, Sky Q, & Freesat.

Watch 100's of channel's completely free of charge from across Britain on Freesat at 28.2° East.

Thanet Aerials & Tech Support are your local satellite experts, providing new satellite installations for the Freesat, Sky, & Sky Q, service. Fully installed for optimum signal quality giving you the best possible signal and far more reliable than the conventional TV aerial.

Our engineer will give you all the options available and explain where the satellite dish will be placed in your particular area to receive the best viewable results.



Satellite Installations for Freesat, Sky, Sky Q.

When satellite first came out you needed a rather large dish which was motorised so you could pick up a few extra channels, mostly non English and to make it harder it was all analogue and took ages to tune each channel in one by one, a simple 1.5m dish install took a good day to install if you were lucky. Nowadays thanks to state of the art digital reception and high powered satellites, the dishes are smaller and you can get 100's of channels plus on a single dish install. Freesat at 28.2° East of South is extremely popular and can work from an existing Sky dish (not Sky Q unless 4K), it is ideal if you are on a budget and cannot afford to subscribe to Sky, it will give you the BBC channels, ITV channels, Chn 4 channels and Chn 5 channels plus many extras all totally free to watch. Freesat is a perfect plan B if you cannot receive a digital TV signal via an existing TV aerial, although it can get costly to buy if you have more than one TV or you wish to record. Sky & Sky Q also at 28.2° East of South, most people have either got it or have had it, great if your a sports fan or even a film buff, downside is it costs a lot each month and it keeps going up (great if you have shares in the company). Sky is probably the most expensive way to watch TV especially if you only want local TV channels. We supply and install for both residential and commercial users.


Repairs on satellite dishes are few and far between now as technology has progressed the equipment is far more reliable and rarely breaks down anymore. Most of the repairs we have to do is from the natural ellements, mainly from rust on a satellite dish, or the window cleaner has knocked the dish with his ladder. Once a new dish is installed is should last at least 5 years, the lnb's on the new Sky dishes are very good, the only let down is again from salt corrosion, it does from time to time stop the voltage from the F-type plug getting to the lnb, but a simple fix. We don't repair satellite receivers any more as they are not economical for us to do so, if your Freesat box has gone faulty just buy a new one.

Satellite Dish Alignment

If your satellite has been installed by a Professional installer, chances are it will not need to be re-aligned, modern good quality dishes do not move by design, but from time to time we will get the odd call saying my husband spent all weekend trying to fit a satellite dish and the only thing we got to watch was an disgruntled man swearing, so yes we will come out and check your dish alignment should you feel it necessary.

Extra satellite Points

A standard dish has four outputs on it, this is enough to run four non recordable satellite receivers or two recordable satellite receivers, the recordable satellite receiver needs two inputs, one to view and one to record, if you need more than four outputs the next one up is the octal lnb with eight outputs, sufficient for most, but if you need more you have two choices, either fit more dishes or fit a SMTV system which comprises of one satellite dish with a quotro lnb and a multi- switch, which will feed as many satellite points as you like, these systems are mainly fitted to hotels or blocks of flats, commonly called a communal system.

Receiver Retuning

Sky receivers do not need to be retuned, it is only the free to air receivers that have to be retuned from time to time, the main reason we have found for retuning is either over heating, not enough air is getting to the receiver and it gets too hot and shuts down or you are one of those people that turn things off at the mains plug when it not used, please do not do this, it will not save you any money on your electricity bill, in fact it will cost you money, as these satellite receivers are designed to use standby a sudden bursts of 230V will eventually do damage to the satellite receivers power supply and you will then need to buy a new one.

Satellite Receiver Installation

Yes we will come out to you to fit your new satellite receiver providing it is for Sky or Freesat if you have decided that paying for Sky was just too expensive and now want to watch Freesat instead.

Poor Reception and Faultfinding

As mentioned above satellites rarely go faulty, but should the issue arise just give us a call and we will take a look at it for you. Communal satellite systems on the other hand will need time to go through to find the fault, which we charge by the hour to do so and then we can tell you what is faulty, maybe a reason why it happened, so it doesn't happen again, and how much it will be to replace.



Freesat            Humax      

Thanet Aerials are authorised suppliers & installers for both Freesat & Humax.


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