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Thanet Aerials are your local aerial experts, providing new aerial installations for the Freeview Digital service. Fully installed for optimum signal quality giving you the best possible signal.

Our engineers will give you all the options available and explain what the reception will be like in your particular area. Our job is to advise you, giving you the customer full control to make the best decision for you.



New Aerials Installations for Freeview & DAB Radio

When we come to you for a aerial installation we will always come and look at the job first, we need to do this, firstly to introduce ourselves and to check for any health and safety issues. We will only use the best quality bench marked and approved materials giving you maximum results for the best possible reception that will last, we use the latest test equipment for both alignment and faultfinding, as standard we will connect our aerial to your receiving equipment and tune it in at no extra cost. We will also tell you in advance what we plan on doing, where we will install the aerial and why, where the coax cable will go and what colour the coax cable will be, so you have all the information in advance.


Sometimes a aerial will come down in the wind or for any other reason and it needs to be repaired, we will do our very best to carry out all repairs, but we will look at it first to see if it can be repaired economically, alas sometimes we cannot repair it, and are quite often asked why not, age and corrosion are the biggest reasons why it may not be repaired, people sometimes forget how long that aerial has been out in the elements and over time it suffers with corrosion especially if you live by the sea, the salt air corrodes aluminium very quickly and makes rusty bolts just sheer off if you attempt to undo them, so experience has taught it may be better to replace at times rather than repair.

Extra TV Points

We can install as many TV points that you can imagine, however if you do plan on having extra TV points it is best to have them done all at once, the reason is not wasting your hard earned money. When we install TV points we need to plan how much signal we need for how many points that you require, but once fitted and then you say you need another 5 points chances are that we will have to redesign the system and take out what we have done and start again. Systems need to be planned, you cannot simply just add to them, this will only cause either loss of signal or gain of interference.

TV Tuning

We will come out just to tune or re-tune your TV or TV's if you require it, we do prefer to tune a TV manually rather than use the automatic tune if we can, this way we know the TV isn't just locking on to a strong signal of a near by transmitter and that your TV or receiving equipment will display the right channels for your location.

TV Wall Mounting

We will mount your TV onto a wall under certain conditions and limitations, the wall needs to be a solid brick wall and not a plaster board wall or lathe and plaster, you need to supply your own TV wall bracket as we do not know what size TV you have nor know its make or weight and for health and safety reasons will cannot install a TV on the wall that is over 40 inches. Other things to consider when you install to a TV to a wall is the amount of cabling that you will see from other devices like your Blu-ray player or Sky box and games controller and you also need to plug it in to the mains 230V.

Poor Reception and Faultfinding

This is what we excel at, what ever your problem we have always managed to get to the bottom of it and find the fault where others have tried and failed, but be aware fault finding can be a lengthy process and can be quite costly too, we cannot give you a price if we do not know what is wrong, so to find a fault we charge by the hour, once we have found the fault then we can tell you how much it will be to to repair or replace. Domestic properties are not as involved as a commercial block of flats, so usually we can tell you what is wrong in under an hour.

Catch up TV

We often get asked what catch up TV is or how do i get it. Catch up TV is watching programs that you have missed via SMART equipment, most modern TV's or set top boxes are fully SMART, this means you can use a RJ45 lead and connect it to a spare outlet on the back of your Broadband router, or if this is too far away use a mains adaptor or it may be possible your smart equipment has built in WIFI, either way you need to connect directly to the internet to receive programs like BBC i player or the ITV hub, once connected you can watch a program that you have missed or watch an entire series or even box sets.

BT Vision Youview & EE

Both the BT vision and the EE box are given to you freely once you have signed up to a internet package or the like, both these boxes need a good quality TV aerial for them to work correctly and both can be connected to the internet if it is required. Generally these boxes are just sent through the post and you are expected just to fit them yourselves, but some people are not technically inclined, this is where we come in and can connect it all up for you and show you how it all works.

SMART TV Installation

SMART TV is the future of TV, it wont be too long when the aerial is no longer required, and most watchable channels will be via the internet. We can fully install your SMART TV from the box, providing that you have a Broadband connection we do the rest.


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Thanet Aerials are authorised suppliers & installers for both Freeview & Humax.

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Margate - Ramsgate - Cliftonville - Westgate - Broadstairs - Manston - Birchington - Acol - Cliffsend - Minster - Monkton - St Nicholas.

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